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The study of Indian fiction

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The present research is a challenging area of study, with great applicability to an examination of Indian Studies. The study of Indian fiction has been of great interesting area of researches and debates where the study of novels written by women has become prominent in Indian as well as global scales. Fiction writing showed an exponential growth vis-à-vis its quality and quantity in Indian context.
Men as writers have always portrayed woman as the “other” that has scuffled their identities as symbols of Sex. This made women choose to write about themselves. Conventional roles often limit women and the impact is not conducive to attain self-identity. Women by rethinking, their unsatisfactory roles imposed on them by the patriarchal society, have attempted to raise their voice in protest to complete their emotional and psychological gratification.
Women as writers, through their writings have attempted to reflect a variety of shades, colors and visions of women’s sufferings. Writing about women was expected to deserve a better treatment at the hands of their male counterpart, but it was proved to be a futile thought. Though, women were of the opinion that the assertion of their identities was in fact, their protest against the cruelty perpetrated on them by portraying their responses and reactions in a derogatory way, by men. Hence, most women writers began to voice themselves, independently devoid of their male counterparts. The spirit of revolt against mechanical life, mismatched marriages and wayward ways of their life partners was obvious in their writings. The protagonists of their novels are all women representatives of a typical Indian society. The plot of their stories, were woven around the women, who negotiate their oppression in a patriarchal society. Through their novels, Indian women writers attempt to erase the traditionally defined female identity by self-examination as it serves as a key for women who are looked down by the traditional norms of the society.
The Title of the thesis Dalit/non-Dalit Women Identity between Compliance and Defiance is to focus on their novels like: the god of small things, nectar in the sieve, the prison we broke, and sangati .
The purpose of this research is to evaluate the women’s predicament in a patriarchal society. Their struggle is against caste, class and gender discriminations. They seek reciprocity, mutuality and harmony in life. When women assert their strength and values, they do not propagate a separate female world, but envision an organized whole world blending female virtues, morality and values with male culture so as to save it from gloom and doom.
The writers portray the image of women through the rhetorical means of their unique language and their ultimate realization that their joys, dreams, aims, ambitions reveal the vulnerability and illusory nature of the privileges enjoyed by women equally important as that of the man in the patriarchal social setup; as they too are half part of this beautiful world and they too has emotions and pain as their men.
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