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Success Stories

US Consulting Case Study – Apple iPod Accessory

A start-up Apple iPod accessory manufacturer.

Challenge | Validate product’s concept; develop a go-to-market plan; execute the product launch on a global basis.

Solution | Approached Apple and secured the product in Apple Stores which validated the product. This gave us the ability to sell the product and expand the channel partners on a global basis. From there the manufacturer expanded the product portfolio which we were able to sell globally.

Results | Sold over 2 million units and became the #1 accessory at Apple Store and

US Consulting Case Study – Smart Home Automation Product

A start-up smart home automation manufacturer.

Challenge | Develop go-to-market strategy for a new product in a newer category. Attain retailer validation. Maintain fiscal responsibility with start-up funding when developing channel partners. Attain placement at retail.

Solution | Provided client with market assessment and a Crawl-Walk-Run strategy to launch the product. Set meetings with Tier 1 retailers. Negotiated business terms with a Tier 1 retailer.

Results | Entered into a 6-month exclusive with a major retailer including marketing and advertising exposure. Moving forward with additional placement.

EU Consulting Case Study – CE Accessory

A leading developer of wireless data solutions.

Challenge | Levin Consulting UK worked with them to assess the opportunity for the product, develop a launch strategy, and get them in front of the key target accounts for the UK. At the time of the project, this company had no resources in the UK.

Solution | Channel understanding, target accounts and profiling; Levin Consulting conducted an analysis of the telecom channel appropriate for the client’s product, which required sales from resellers in the telecom channel.  Levin Consulting presented a list of some of the key target telecom resellers in the UK ideally suited for the product, and a description of each reseller’s business models. The mobile networks in the UK were to be service providers for the client’s product, as well as potential targets as accounts (i.e. through their own stores).  An analysis of the network structure for similar products, their capabilities, and competitive information were provided. Identification of potential partners that would bring the product to market and potentially manage the sales, marketing, and customer support of the product.  The ideal objective was to find a partner that could expand into EMEA after the UK had been established.

Results | At the completion of project, the client had a full blueprint and forecast for launching the product in the UK through a partner.  Levin Consulting created relationships and had meetings (attended by the client) with targeted companies. The client had an in-depth understanding of the structure, objectives and future initiatives of each carrier, retailer, and reseller.  Levin Consulting provided a recommended plan of action for each target.  Finally, and most importantly, Levin Consulting gave a realistic view of the risk versus reward of launching full-scale through a partner, as had been intended at the outset of the project.In the end, through discussions with Levin Consulting and a better understanding of the full requirements of launching in this manner (versus the true opportunity), the client scaled back its efforts and focused on strengthening an already growing telematics business.

EU Consulting Case Study – CE Channel

A leading IT manufacturer.

Challenge | The primary objective was for Levin Consulting to help an IT brand understand the consumer electronics market and channels, with a specific focus on how to change their business model to deal with the CE channel.  The project was also to work with the client to develop their short and long-term strategy for launching a new range of products into the European CE space.

Solution | Levin Consulting did primary research through many dozens of interviews with retail buyers, distributors, vendors, and other key CE industry people in every target market.
Levin Consulting also analyzed and helped to interpret 3rd party data provided by the client.  This included interviews with the data providers to gauge effectiveness of their methodology, trends in the data, etc. Levin Consulting worked with the client throughout the project to present ongoing findings, work on internal strategy, and develop the final business plan.

Results | Client was able to successfully establish a staged approach to market entry that provided natural transition for their brand, with gradual move towards more of a CE strategy (i.e. without making a huge jump at first). Mitigation of risk of complete overhaul of channel strategy (again, based on Levin Consulting’s findings, the client had a very clear view of what would be required to be a major player).  They chose to take a gradual route to market (with some differences by geography) that has – thus far – been quite successful, low risk, and provides a strong platform for a full CE launch as they adapt their support structures and systems.