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Where Levin Consulting and ECRM bring you an exciting Innovative Technology experience deep within the following categories – Smart Home, Smart Speakers, Smart Watches and Fitness Wearables, Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Tech & Tech Accessories, Laptop Accessories & Apps that promote ease of Life.

At this unique event, consumer technology vendors conduct 50+ private, pre-scheduled meetings with key US/Canadian retail and distribution buyers that build relationships and generate new business. All meeting time is dedicated to private meetings with key buyers who are eager to see innovative new products.

2020 Event


March 1-4, 2020
Sheraton Grand Chicago
Chicago, IL
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This program is an extremely efficient way to have 50+ pre-scheduled meetings in just three days. And best of all, we arrange the meetings.

Format for success – 100% of your meeting time is dedicated to private, pre-scheduled meetings with category buyers who are seeking new products. Receive immediate feedback on your products, packaging, and programs. There will be no crowded trade show floor and no competing for meetings.

Guaranteed privacy – All meetings are held in private suites, and we guarantee that all of your conversations and negotiations are confidential and private.

Well run & efficiently organized – Shipments are in your room when you arrive. Dedicated staff ensures that meetings are kept on schedule and attendee needs are met.

Socialize together – Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail events are provided daily and are structured to provide plenty of opportunity for buyers and vendors to get to know each other better.

Well run & efficiently organized – Engage in four months worth of meetings and travel in one place in three days

Participation options – There are three options for participation depending on where you are in your retail journey.

  1. Leading Brands – Brands looking for strategic collaboration, distribution & planning with key buyers across all channels
  2. Challenger Brands – Brands looking to grow distribution with buyers including national, regional & alternative channels
  3. Emerging Brands – Brands looking to get discovered by national and regional buyers that are sourcing new items & suppliers

The price for the event for vendors includes product display options, pre-scheduled meetings, attendee badge, sleeping room, all meals and entertainment, internet-based software tools and a pre-event preparation call with Levin Consulting. For more information plus a current list of registered retailers and distributors, contact Adam Wexler at 216-595-9828 x117 or

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