Levin Consulting is a global channel sales and consulting company that specializes in accelerating growth for consumer electronics and technology companies through a go-to-market strategy, an aggressive sales team, and flawless execution. Our goal is to accelerate the process of launching and growing products, channels and markets.  In working with Levin Consulting, you will minimize the mistakes to achieve PROFITABLE sell-through in the shortest amount of time.

Start-ups  more info
Successfully launch your products into retail with Levin Consulting.

Strategic Consulting  more info
Increase market share, enhance margins, or access new markets – our team works in conjunction with you to create and implement executable strategies that achieve measurable results.

Sales  more info
Gain faster placement in the retail channel – Levin Consulting has relationships at major retailers, distributors and online sellers throughout North America, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, China and Japan.

Amazon Success for Vendors  more info
The Amazon Boot Camp program through Levin Consulting will dramatically improve your position and effectiveness within Amazon. The ultimate goal is to drive pervasive brand presence, awareness, and sell through of your products through Amazon.com by tackling the pillars of success on the platform. Levin Consulting will work with you develop a custom strategy and convert it into a series of tactical actions ideal for your company.

Geographic Expertise  more info
Grow your business – geographically. Levin Consulting specializes in the retail and B2B technology channels in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, China and Japan. We have a thorough understanding of the individual retail markets and how they operate.

Brand Licensing & Acquisition  more info
Licensing – a way to reach new markets and channels, expand your account base, generate new enthusiasm for your product and receive an additional stream of income. Levin Consulting works to facilitate a successful licensing process in the technology and consumer products industries.