One of the most common mistakes of many players in Roulette is to play too high for their ratios. Very quickly then the game Capital is used up, and this is equally annoying in two ways. On the other hand, there are now no more bets to take the good run. There are also widespread miscalculations about probabilities. So many players think that after 10 times red the probability of Black is very high. However, in reality, the results from the past do not affect the next run of the Roulette ball. Some betting friends make too many bets per live dealer roulette game round and patch the table thoroughly with chips. Because this often happens without plan, it makes little sense and makes the Casino only come to the Chips faster.

You listed your product on Amazon – now what? How do you use the tools that will bring you the largest amount of views and sales? The Amazon Boot Camp program through Levin Consulting will dramatically improve your position and effectiveness within Amazon. The ultimate goal is to drive pervasive brand presence, awareness, and sell through of your products through by tackling the pillars of success on the platform. Levin Consulting will work with you develop a custom strategy and convert it into a series of tactical actions ideal for your company.

We assist with the entire Amazon process, including:

Digital Content

  • Examine existing product content for each licensee, key customer content, and directly competitive brands and “best of breed” brands to provide ongoing recommendations to driving B2C customer engagement and brand presence / ROI on Amazon.
    • Product Detail Pages (Across Categories)
    • Brand Page
    • A+, photos, videos

Search Marketing and Optimization through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

  • Levin Consulting will help you optimize your results through organic search and create an ongoing strategy and process to drive sponsored results through AMS to drive brand awareness in search and for targeted products.

Algorithm & Sales Rankings

With thousands of competitive ASIN’s in the viewable assortment of product categories, the objective is to maximize product visibility within the Amazon algorithm to drive page visits and conversions. Considerations include:

  • Sales Rank
  • Unit Volume v. Revenue
  • Product Ratings / Reviews
  • And much more

Levin Consulting will work to develop a process to focus on particular SKUs and drive up rankings over time. The objective is a repeatable process and structure to consistently target segments of the product line to drive sales rankings.

Product Ratings + Reviews

Levin Consulting will work with you on your strategy to drive quantity and quality/ratings of product reviews, both through the Vine program and outside of it.

Organizational Structure

Levin Consulting will work with you to evaluate and provide recommendations on the best short and long term structure to effectively manage and grow your Amazon business.

Levin Consulting will create a custom strategy and implementation plan to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today!