One of the most common mistakes of many players in Roulette is to play too high for their ratios. Very quickly then the game Capital is used up, and this is equally annoying in two ways. On the other hand, there are now no more bets to take the good run. There are also widespread miscalculations about probabilities. So many players think that after 10 times red the probability of Black is very high. However, in reality, the results from the past do not affect the next run of the Roulette ball. Some betting friends make too many bets per live dealer roulette game round and patch the table thoroughly with chips. Because this often happens without plan, it makes little sense and makes the Casino only come to the Chips faster.


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Levin Consulting has built an extensive network of retail distribution in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, China and Japan.

For more than 28 years our team has developed relationships with senior management at major retailers, distributors, resellers, and vendors throughout the world.  We leverage these relationships to collect the information crucial to our clients’ success. In addition, leveraging our extensive worldwide network of proven 3rd-party suppliers for packaging, merchandising, distribution, logistics and more, can deliver excellent results very quickly.

We approach each international project on a market-by-market basis, ensuring the right strategy for each specific country and channel.  When entering a new geography, or expanding market reach, Levin Consulting can act as your sales source while building your market strategy. If you have products in place, our channel strategy development and market intelligence research will help you achieve greater sell-through, gain market share, and succeed in additional channels and markets.